Our Goal

Sustainability Project

Being sustainable not only means choosing innovative materials, but also paying special attention to the ethical context. In line with today's environmental awareness, Franklin & Marshall wants to do its part in in reducing its impact on the planet


Franklin & Marshall is a Sportswear Brand

Proudly deep-rooted in the historical heritage of College Sports and inspired by the American Vintage Classics. The brand is the result of Passion combined with Experience and Knowledge.


Just like freshmen, the Academics Family has a neat and tidy style. It’s characterized by the cleanest effect in the whole collection, a light wash using a softener.


The Athletics division features the same vintage look as sports clothing. All the garments have a medium vintage effect, rugged textile feel, and they’re treated using an artisanal dyeing technique.


A tribute to the Campus lifestyle, the Alumni Capsuledraws inspiration from the values of brotherhoodand excellence typical of college societies.This capsule references authentic Oriflamme yearbooks,bringing back all the items that show the college lifestyle,related not only to sports activities but to actualon-campus fashion too.