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Franklin and Marshall is a Sportswear Brand

Our research focuses on those years when we were in search of truth and beauty. When we discovered the meaning of brotherhood. The persistence of ambition. The essence of connections. Our garments are designed to experience those moments. This is what really matters, what has always mattered. Because traditions do exist.


the legacy of our name

Franklin & Marshall’s name is distinctive. It harks back to 1787 when Franklin College was established in Lancaster (Pennsylvania, USA) with the generous contribution of Benjamin Franklin. mattered.Because traditions do exist. Inspired by the American college dream, we started our own Franklin & Marshall in 1999, looking to America for its ideals of liberty and opportunity and to Italy for its tradition and craftsmanship.
Fans of Quality

High-quality materials and experienced craftsmanship are our cornerstones. With a reverence for our vintage influences, sports and people, our garments revealed a strong statement. Aiming for authenticity, we built a lifestyle.

No gender division.

Garments are designed to let anyone successfully wear whatever they feel comfortable in. College means rewiring a conventional mindset, experimenting with identities, and exploring ourselves and the world to develop our own personality. Beliefs don't have any gender, and nor do our clothes

College culture comes to life in each F&M garment.

The apparel blends American varsity uniforms with embroideries, destroyed prints, vintage washes and innovative fabrics.

Superior Quality Guaranteed

Our standards are high. Very High. About 83% of our garments are handed downfrom generation to generation. Parents still wear the remaining. From rough sketches to the final embroidery application, we dedicate exceptional care to each piece, to guarantee superior craftsmanship, always. We know that details not only matter, but elevate garments to become timeless extensions of ourselves.


In step with modern ecological awareness, Franklin & Marshall wants to play its part in creating a minimal impact on the environment.

Our goal is to manufacture half of our collection with eco-friendly materials within four years, and to sustainably source all of our garments by 2030. So far, we have started replacing our cottons with eco-friendly ones and included recycled polyester in our production methods.All our eco-friendly items are recognizable by their hangtag,which highlights the story and origin of the fabric.
Franklin & Marshall creates apparel for sports addicts, city guys, adventurers into the unknown, unconventional thinkers, vintage devotees, romantic souls and Beauty seekers. VIEW PRODUCTS
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