Our Goal

Eco Friendly Materials

Franklin & Marshall aims to manufacture the entirety of its collection with susteinable fabrics and materials in the near future. For a few seasons already, we have started replacing our cottons with eco-firendly ones. More specifically in this Collection we used recycled polyester fibers on Outwear combined with Organic Cottons on the Graphic- tees Pack. All the items of this project are recognizable by their own hangtag which highlights the story and the origin of the fabric.


The Organic Cotton Project

The Organic cotton project, made by low impact methods and products used in cotton crops at the origin. By choosing this sustainable garment, you will have the same look, performance, durability and high strength as a traditional one. No chemicals, no pesticides, no fertilizers. No genetically modified seeds. This Special fabric is used in the Jersey Alumni proposal, which has a strong Casual and Classic Style combined with the graphics.


Recycled Outwear

We also aim to optimize the uses of recycled fabrics in the jackets collection, re-searching and improving materials season by season. Choosing these sustainable garments, you will have the same look, performance, durability and high strength as the traditional ones, but with a smaller environmental impact and lower energy consumption.

Being sustainable doesn’t only mean adopting new materials, but also focusing extraordinary attention on the ethical environment.

That's why we partner with the best. A Franklin & Marshall garment begins life in ethical factories that guarantee low impact production methods and respect for all their workers. Franklin & Marshall distributes its collection using selected partners in Europe and Japan.